Info: MySQL Query Error

Time: 2020-8-11 12:26pm
Script: /tours/lvyouxianluchanpin.php

SQL: SELECT a.*,p.mix_price,p.min_price,p.new_mix_price,p.new_min_price,e.tpl_xlarea_id,e.template_id,e.area2,e.area3

FROM tx_travelline a

left join ly_travelline_price p on p.lineid=a.lineid

left join tx_travelline_ext e on e.lineid=a.lineid

WHERE (a.lineid='36016' or (a.code='' and a.code!='')) and a.siteid='4' and a.dlsdbs!=4 and a.displaystatu=1
Error: Table './52usite_db/tx_travelline' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
Errno.: 145

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